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DPM Choo Holds Roundtable on Service Industry Policy

  • DivisionPolicy Coordination Bureau - Service Industry Policy Division
  • DateNovember 15, 2023
  • Tel+82 44 215 4610

DPM Choo Holds Roundtable on Service Industry Policy



On November 15, Deputy Prime Minister Kyungho Choo held a roundtable on service industry policies with industry associations from various service sectors.


Since the advancement of the service industry serves as a vital engine for elevating the Korean economy’s added-value and creating quality jobs, this roundtable was organized aiming to listen to voices from those involved in different service sectors, as well as discuss policy tasks based on on-site demand.


The attendees collectively asked for support for promising service sectors’ overseas expansion, improvements in state contract rules tailored to the characteristics of each service sector, as well as experts training. The need for a fair competition environment and R&D investment for the development of new technologies and services was also raised. Furthermore, they urged for policy attention not only to currently promising sectors, but also to those closely linked to people’s lives such as funeral or postnatal care services.


DPM Choo, in response, pledged that those raised in today’s roundtable will be seriously considered and reflected in economic policy directions for next year and future service industry policies. Not only that, he mentioned plans to devise measures to improve the quality of life-related services and promote the industry development.


Lastly, DPM Choo and the participants agreed to collaborate on efforts to ensure that the long-pending framework act on service industry development, which aims to establish a systematic support for the industry, will be discussed in earnest at the regular session of the National Assembly.

Please refer to the attached files.

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