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Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Economy and Finance
Director for
Public Relations
Policy Advisor
to the Minister
Director for
Audit and Inspection
1st Vice Minister
2nd Vice Minister
Deputy Minister
Deputy Minister for
International Affairs
Human Resources
Deputy Minister for
Fiscal Affairs
General Affairs
Tax and Customs Office
  • Director General for Tax Policy Coordination
    • Tax policy Division
    • Tax Relief Division
    • Tax Analysis Division
    • Tax Statutes Interpretation Division
  • Director General for Individual and Corporate Income Tax
    • Income Tax Division
    • Corporate Tax Division
    • Finance Tax Division
    • International Tax Division
    • New International Tax Standard Division
  • Director General for Property and Consumption Tax
    • Property Tax Division
    • Value Added Tax Division
    • Individual Consumption Tax Division
  • Director General for International Tax & Customs Affairs
    • Customs Policy Division
    • Industrial Tariff Division
    • Customs Cooperation Division
    • FTA Customs Implementation Division
Economic Policy Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Livelihood Economy
    • Economic Policy Division
    • Economic Analysis Division
    • Financial Market Division
    • Price Policy Division
    • Policy Planning Division
    • Macroeconomic Policy Mix Division
Policy Coordination Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Innovative Growth
    • General Policy Coordination Division
    • Industrial Policy Division
    • Service Industry Policy Division
    • Regional Economic Policy Division
    • Growth Policy Division
    • Business Environment Division
Economic Structural Reform Bureau
    • Economic Structural Reform Policy Division
    • Human Resources Policy Division
    • Employment and Labor Market Policy Division
    • Population Policy Division
    • Social Welfare Policy Division
    • Pension and Health Policy Division
    • Youth Policy Division
Future and Social Economy Bureau
    • Future Strategy Division
    • Social Economy Policy Division
    • Cooperatives Policy Division
    • Climate Fund and Strategy Division
International Finance Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for International Finance Bureau
    • International Finance Division
    • Foreign Exchange Market Division
    • Foreign Exchange System Division
    • International Financial Cooperation Division
    • G20 Financial Cooperation Division
International Economic Affairs Bureau
    • International Economic Policy Division
    • International Economic Cooperation Division
    • Trade Policy Coordination Division
    • Trade Policy Division
    • International Economic Cooperation Strategy Division
    • Inter-Korean Economic Relations Division
Development Finance Bureau
    • Development Finance Division
    • International Financial Institutions Division
    • Development Cooperation Division
    • Development Project Division
    • Green Climate Policy Division
Planning and Coordination Office
  • Director General for Policy Planning
    • Director for Planning and Finance
    • Director for Organization and Management Innovation
    • Director for Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs
    • Director for ICT Management
  • Director General for Emergency Planning and Safety
    • Emergency Planning and Safety Division
Budget Office
  • Director General for Budget Coordination
    • Budget Coordination Division
    • Budget Policy Division
    • Budget Standards Division
    • Public Fund Management Division
    • Budget Management Division
  • Director General for Social Affairs Budget
    • Employment Environment Budget Division
    • Education Budget Division
    • Cultural Affairs Budget Division
    • Climate and Environment Budget Division
    • Project Budget Management Division
  • Director General for Economic Affairs Budget
    • Industry SMEs and Startups Budget Division
    • Land, Infrastructure and Transport Budget Division
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Maritime Budget Division
    • Research and Development Budget Division
    • Information & Communications Technology Budget Division
  • Director General for Welfare and Safety Budgets
    • Welfare Budget Division
    • Pension and Healthcare Budget Division
    • Safety Budget Division
  • Director General for Administrative and National Defense Budget
    • Judicial Affairs Budget Division
    • Administrative Affairs Budget Division
    • Regional Development Budget Division
    • National Defense Budget Division
    • Defense Acquisition Budget Division
Treasury Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Government Properties
    • Treasury Division
    • Government Properties Policy Division
    • Public Contract and Procurement Policy Division
    • Government Bond Policy Division
    • Government Properties Coordination Division
    • Government-held Securities Division
Fiscal Innovation Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Fiscal Policy
    • Fiscal Strategy Division
    • Expenditure Innovation Division
    • Fiscal System Division
    • Fiscal Consolidation Division
    • Fiscal Information System Division
    • Participatory Budgeting Division
Fiscal Management Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Fiscal Performance Management
    • Fiscal Management and Coordination Division
    • Fiscal Performance Evaluation Division
    • Feasibility Study Division
    • Public-Private Partnership Policy Division
    • Government Accounting Policy and Financial Report Division
    • Fiscal Execution Strategy Division
Public Institutions Policy Bureau
  • Deputy Director General for Public Institutions Innovation
    • Public Institutions Policy Coordination Division
    • Public Institutions System Planning Division
    • Public Institutions Finance Management Division
    • Public Institutions Assessment and Analysis Division
    • Public Institutions Human Resources Division
    • Public Institutions Ethics and Audit Division
    • Public Institutions Reform Division
    • Public Institutions Management Division
Korea Lottery Commission
    • General Administration Division
    • Lottery Management Division
    • Fund Management Division

Government Agencies under MOEF

  • National Tax Service
  • Korea Customs Service
  • Public Procurement Service
  • Statistics Korea
Last updated : October 11, 2022

Ministry of Economy and Finance
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