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The symbol conveys a dynamic expression of Taegeuk (the pattern forming the center of the Korean national flag) through the unity of blue and red.

It represents the Korean government's dedication to creating a bright future by the ideal integration of the nation and its people, of Korea and the rest of the world, and of the past and the present together.

Adopting the prototype colors of Taegeuk, the symbol maximizes the beauty of being Korean while expressing Korea's cultural sophistication.

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Ministry Identity
Ministry Identity


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  • GOK Blue
    C100 M70 Y20 K40
  • GOK Red
    C0 M100 Y80 K0
  • GOK Grey
    C0 M0 Y0 K80
  • White
    C0 M0 Y0 K0
Last updated : March 8, 2021

Ministry of Economy and Finance
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