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2nd Crisis Management Meeting

  • DivisionPolicy Coordination Bureau - General Policy Coordination Division
  • DateMarch 25, 2020
  • Tel0442154510

2nd Crisis Management Meeting of 2020

12th Ministerial Meeting to Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak


Government to Work on Financial Market Stability



Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki presided over the 2nd Crisis Management Meeting of 2020, which is also the 12th Ministerial Meeting to Respond to COVID-19 Outbreak.  Financial support for exporters and the frontloading of public sector spending to help stimulate the economy were main topics of discussion.  DPM Hong talked about measures to be taken to avoid FX market volatility and plans to increase wage subsidies at the beginning of the meeting.


The following is a summary of Deputy Prime Minister Hong’s keynote address.


Provide FX liquidity


In addition to the forex futures trading limit raised by 25 percent last week, the government will temporarily provide a bank levy[1] exemption and work on temporarily easing the 80 percent FX liquidity coverage ratio[2].  We will work to use the Korea-US currency swap line and to provide the market with enough liquidity.


Increase wage subsidies


To help businesses retain their employees, the government will increase its wage subsidies from 100 billion won to 500 billion won, expanding to all industries for a limited period from April 1 to June 30.


Topics of discussion


We will discuss the following at today’s meeting.


1) Emergency financial support worth 20 trillion won for exporters and Korean businesses overseas, a part of the over 100 trillion support announced at the presidential meeting on economic emergency held this week


- New liquidity worth 8.7 trillion won: 4.7 trillion won worth of loans and guarantees and 4.0 trillion won worth of emergency funding for business operation

- 11.3 trillion won worth of refinancing funds to extend business loans for up to a year


2) Frontloading of public sector spending to help stimulate the economy

3) Ways to spend over 75 percent of the supplementary budget within two months from now


[1] A 0.1 percent tax on FX liabilities of financial institutions, excluding deposits, which will mature in less than a year

[2] The ratio of high-quality liquid foreign assets to projected net cash outflows over 30 days


Please refer to the attached pdf


Ministry of Economy and Finance
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